Built Tough

Premium materials ensure
each exhibit's durability

Easy Maintenance

Each exhibit is engineered with
maintenance in mind

30-Day Guarantee

If you don't love your exhibit,
we will refund it

1 Year Warranty

Each exhibit is covered by
a one-year warranty

Learning Takes Flight

Mind-Blowing Bernoulli

Imagine With Air

Quality Exhibits for Everyone

Our exhibits are manufactured in the USA using the highest grade materials and time tested fabrication processes. With this combination of quality and craftsmanship our interactives are second to none. 

We design and build our exhibits to be both durable and low maintenance. You don’t need to be a skilled technician to set up and operate each interactive. 

Whether you are a librarian from a small community, the owner of an emerging play space, or the director of an established museum, we are here to help you accomplish your goals. We create exhibits to fill any space and offer countless finish combinations to match your look.

The results are in. People love our exhibits.