Bubble Hoops

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Move soapy rings through the air to form bubbles of different shapes and sizes. Experiment using hoops of various diameters and move them in different directions to see how bubbles interact. Observe fluid surface tension and use trial and error to create the largest or longest lasting bubbles. Attraction between water molecules creates surface tension, leading to the bubbles’ spherical shape. Light reflects and refracts through the soapy film to create a vibrant rainbow of colors. 

Ages 4+

Exhibit Contents 

  • Bubble Hoops exhibit 
  • 4 bubble hoops 
  • Bubble mix starter kit
  • User manual and installation guide

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  • With four separate bubble trays, users can interact with each other from their own station. 
  • Trays at various heights make the exhibit accessible to all ages.
  • Multiple hoop sizes encourages trial and error experimentation. 
  • Users can vary their speed of movement, hoop angle, and path of motion to create bubbles of different sizes and shapes.


  • Total Height - 31 inches
  • Lowest Tray Height - 25 inches
  • Length - 57 inches
  • Width - 59 inches



High density polyethylene is a durable polymer that hold up under heavy use. This industrial grade material is waterproof, mold-resistant and easy to clean.

Painted Stainless Steel Base

The tapered stainless steel base is finished with acrylic polyurethane paint in the color of your choice. this two-component catalyzed coating system provides unsurpassed color retention, wear protection, and durability. 

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