Duplo Table

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Construct colorful block structures by building on the large surface of the Duplo Table. Guests can access the entire construction area by utilizing the interior opening or outside perimeter. While creating unique structures users experiment with the science behind real-world construction. Large, colorful bricks are safe for any age and encourage creative thinking and imaginative play. The Duplo surface supports social development for children working together or in parallel.

Ages 2+

Exhibit Contents 

  • Duplo Table 
  • Starter set of Duplo blocks 
  • User manual and installation guide

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  • Large building area facilitates social interaction as guests build and play together.
  • Perimeter and interior troughs allow for easy access to and organization of the duplo blocks.
  • Pad surface is compatible with many popular block brands making it easy to integrate new sets.  
  • Bright colors and its organic shape attract visitors and encourage play.


  • Height - 21 inches
  • Length - 81 inches
  • Width - 81 inches


Premium HDF with Urethane Finish

With a density higher than alternative materials, HDF is resistant to warping or splintering, ensuring a stronger and more structurally stable product. The rubberized exterior urethane is an ideal finish given its durability, water resistance and ease of cleaning.

Baltic Birch Ply with Polymer Veneer

Made entirely of birch hardwood layers, this furniture-grade plywood offers exceptional strength and stability.  In order to offer even more protection against abuse, the top is finished with a Kydex veneer. This combination makes for an extremely durable counter finish that is easy to clean and has been specifically designed for high traffic environments.

Learning Through Play

We believe that learning should be an engaging endeavor. All of our exhibits have been thoughtfully designed to encourage both educational and entertaining experiences. From inspiring the exploration of scientific concepts to motivating the process of creative thinking, our products are intended to both engage and educate. Guests can expect to learn through hands-on play as they interact with our exhibits and to have a blast doing so. Full STEAM ahead!

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