Fog Bubbles

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Create fog-filled bubbles using a hose and soapy solution, then watch how the vapor dissipates as the soapy spheres burst or combine. Work with others to merge large bubbles together and experiment with how size and shape affect a bubble’s longevity and ability to float. The attraction between water molecules, called fluid surface tension, keeps the surface of the bubble tight, maintaining fog inside. Observe how a bubble takes on different shapes depending on whether it is floating through the air or on the surface of the liquid solution.

Ages 4+

Exhibit Contents 

  • Fog Bubble exhibit
  • Bubble solution starter kit
  • User manual and installation guide

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  • Users create bubbles within the pan or in the air using fog emitting flexible hoses.
  • The stainless steel pan keeps the soapy solution contained and makes cleanup quick and easy.
  • Four separate fog hoses encourage users to experiment together or allow them to play in parallel.
  • The vapor released from this exhibit is atomized water, a safe and healthy fog option.


  • Counter Height -30 inches
  • Diameter - 54 inches 
  • Exhibit Height - 75 inches


Painted Stainless Steel

The rust-resistant stainless steel base is finished with acrylic polyurethane paint in the color of your choice. This two-component catalyzed coating system provides unsurpassed color retention, wear protection, and durability.

Learning Through Play

We believe that learning should be an engaging endeavor. All of our exhibits have been thoughtfully designed to encourage both educational and entertaining experiences. From inspiring the exploration of scientific concepts to motivating the process of creative thinking, our products are intended to both engage and educate. Guests can expect to learn through hands-on play as they interact with our exhibits and to have a blast doing so. Full STEAM ahead! 

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