Magnetic Ball Wall

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Construct intricate and engaging machines that move balls through tubes, ramps, pipes, conveyors, and other paths. Hands-on problem solving teaches users about simple machines, conservation of momentum, and the laws of motion. The large interactive area and number of parts encourage teamwork and collaboration. Tweaking and adjusting parts to move balls more smoothly promotes trial and error experimentation and creative thinking. Users of all ages can engage their imagination constructing Rube Goldberg machine-like paths for the balls.

Ages 4+

Exhibit Dimensions Without Add-ons

  • Length- 90 inches
  • Height - 67 inches
  • Depth - 11 inches

Exhibit Dimensions With Add-ons

  • Length- 124 inches
  • Height - 79 inches
  • Depth - 11 inches

Custom colors can be chosen upon purchase

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