Score Four

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The classic Connect game is bigger and better than ever.  Replay this family favorite in a completely new way, using the giant playing board and matching discs. This visually engaging game encourages social development, communication, and fine motor skills all while being fun and competitive. Children develop strategic thinking and refine their problem-solving skills while analyzing patterns and calculating their next move. Vertical, horizontal, or diagonal… First to four wins!

Ages 5+

Exhibit Contents

  • Score Four playing board and 46 game pieces
  • Exhibit manual and installation guide

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  • The large scale game is easy to play and accessible for people of all ages
  • The spring-loaded release mechanism ensures games are quick clear and easy to reset.
  • The exhibit provides long-lasting fun and hands-on learning both indoors and out due to its weatherproof construction.


  • Height - 47 inches 
  • Length - 48 inches
  • Width - 12 inches


 High Density Polyethylene

High density polyethylene is a durable polymer and a preferred choice for many commercial applications due to its superior flatness and durability.  This environmentally stabilized material is scratch resistant, waterproof, and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth of sponge. 

Learning Through Play

We believe that learning should be an engaging endeavor. All of our exhibits have been thoughtfully designed to encourage both educational and entertaining experiences. From inspiring the exploration of scientific concepts to motivating the process of creative thinking, our products are intended to both engage and educate. Guests can expect to learn through hands-on play as they interact with our exhibits and to have a blast doing so. Full STEAM ahead! 

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